The Most Important Biking Events Bettors Should Know

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If you want to make it big in making bike bets, it’s important that you spend time knowing about the most crucial events that define the sport. Sure enough, part and parcel in making biking bets is knowing where to find them. In this sense, it helps to research about these events and know how you can utilize them to get a better advantage.

Across the globe, countries are holding their own races, inviting athletes from other countries. From Europe to Asia, these races feature top cyclists, which makes betting for them more exciting. The first thing you will have to do, though, is to pick a race where you should be betting.

If you’re new to this, you may want to conduct ample research on the races you should be spending your money on. Sure enough, three of these major races are found in Europe. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Vuelta a España

The yearly Vuelt a, touted as one of the biggest in the continent, first started in 1935 and consisted of multiple stages across Spain and its neighboring countries. Although the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War prevented the Vuelta from being held, its resurgence in the early 1950s when it invited riders from across the world. Since then, the event has had at least 73 editions and has become an attraction for many biking enthusiast.

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One exciting part of the Vuelta is its rigorous track that passes through the Pyrenees Mountains and into Madrid. That being said, the event takes at least 21-days with only two days being allotted for rest. Nonetheless, the event continues to attract cycling luminaires such a Delio Rodriguez who won 39 segments and France’s Laurent Jalabert. You’d bet that someone will create an action sequence about this.

Tour de France

 Also known as the mother of a cycling events, the Tour de France has been the most important event that audiences and riders are waiting for everywhere. At 115 years, the Tour de France has always been a sight to behold, attracting cyclists from neighboring countries as well as from the far side of the globe. The Tour de France is currently managed and organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation. Since then, it has organized about 105 events and invited cycling heavyweights such as Lance Armstrong.

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Held in July, the Tour de France has had numerous changes in its track. Nevertheless, the tracks provide grandiose views of the Alps and the Pyrenees. Consisting of 21 day-long segments, the Tour de France has got to be the most expensive and longest race in the world, covering at least 2,200 miles of empty road.

Giro d’Italia

Dubbed as the biggest annual event for cyclists, the Giro d’Italia is basically an important facet of Italian bike life. Everyone has their own Vespa stash and seeing how Italians approach the road, it’s an event that really celebrates the wonders of having two wheels. That being said, there’s no wonder that bikers can sense the thrill and anxiety of going through the cynic wonders that Italy has to offer.

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Sure enough, the world’s most important cyclists pick Gino d’Italia only because it provides a bit of a challenge, which is something you want to achieve.

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